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English, German and French spoken!

real self reviews

Vaginal rejuvenation in Cancun

Feel better and more confident

When performing a vaginal rejuvenation?

There are several reasons why some women go for this surgery. Foremost is the belief that after birth the intimate satisfaction is not the same. Actually this is not proven but most men have some belief. The intimate satisfaction is most of all mental.


Among some special conditions for which surgery is done are: an episiotomy did not heal properly, sometimes after childbirth up the rectum, the bladder floor and the walls are loose and others. In such cases, vaginal rejuvenation or LVR is a good solution and believes there is a noticeable difference in intimate relationships.


Rejuvenecimiento vaginal

Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal en CancúnPutting beauty

As for the very appearance of the vagina not seem like something that men care about much, but if some women. In such cases surgeries are performed to make the appearance better for example if a labia is bigger than the other can operate the doctor and let the symmetric. The reduction of the labia is called Labiaplasty


Virgin again

In some cases it is a reconstruction of the hymen. The reconstruction of the hymen is a simple surgery and practiced most of all among girls that have to be "virgins" day (or night) of the wedding. It is very common in Arab countries and among some Latinas.


Other procedures

Alternatively, there are inserts, detected the area "G" or the zone of pleasure and this is padded to make it larger and so the pleasure will be greater. If excess fat in the area can make a very small liposuction. If excess skin after significant weight loss can remove excess skin.


Outcome of surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery corrects the muscle tone in this area giving firmness. With vaginal reconstruction is achieved strengthening vagina muscles come together to create a smaller vaginal opening.


Surgery is preferable to do it after having the last child because otherwise you may lose the benefits obtained with the following labor unless cesarean.



I had a great experience from start to finish. Not only was the surgery a success, but the staff, hospital, and after care was much greater than you would get in the states...

- J, Connecticut


Our patients experience

I had Plastic Surgery in Canada before but this experience here in Cancun was above my expectations. I am so pleased with both of my surgeries (bleph and breast lift with implants replacement)...

-Claudette, Canada

Plastic Surgery Mexico

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