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Foreign Patients

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Are you interested in having plastic surgery in Cancun with Dr Marco Carmona? Many of our patients travel to us from all over the world. We have perfected our "Medical Tourism" protocol, making plastic and cosmetic surgery possible for all patients. We are conveniently located only minutes away from Cancun's International Airport and whether you travel alone or with someone, we will guide you through the whole process assuring you a comfortable experience where all of your needs will be taken care of.


It is easy, we guide you, just follow our recommendations and instructions.

Are you unsure of beginning this process? We have an experienced team of consultants and patient coordinators who give immediate response to your inquiry, offering you useful information about the procedure you are interested in, preparing you for surgery, the payment process, recovery and much more. Your personal patient coordinator is here to assist you throughout the whole process making sure all your questions are going to be answered.


Enjoy a spectacular and affordable body shape in Cancun. Contact us!

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Step One – Initial Contact


Schedule a Virtual Consultation

(Ideal for all patients looking for plastic or reconstructive surgery wondering about the price, if they are a candidate for the surgery of interest and the available options)



Travel to Cancun for a Consultation and a Personal Exam

(Ideal for all patients that live here, come to cost regularly or on a vacation and want to meet Dr. Carmona and check out the available options)

Step Two – Your arrival, preoperative appointments and your surgery

Once you have made the decision to proceed with your medical journey, the process begins by scheduling an appointment for your surgery. Our patient coordinator will offer you available dates and arrange all your preoperative appointments for you. A small downpayment is required to book a certain day for surgery with Dr. Carmona.


Once you arrive to Cancun's International Airport your personal bilingual patient concierge will pick you up and support you on all your appointments. She will take you to our doctor's office where you will meet Dr. Carmona, get your personal examination and receive all the pre and postoperative instructions. In case you'll need blood work done or an EKG from our cardiologist, your personal concierge will accompany you and take you back to your hotel afterwards.


The morning of your surgery, your patient concierge will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the hospital. All our surgeries are performed in an internationally certified hospital. Your concierge will help you register, act as a translator and stay with you the whole time until your surgery begins. When Dr. Carmona releases you from the hospital, your personal concierge will pick you up and take you back to your hotel or to the recovery house, depending which option you chose.


In whichever case, Dr. Carmona will evaluate if you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure(s) that you desire and give his recommendations for your individual case. Our Patient Coordinator will contact you to advise you about the evaluation and the cost of the surgery and related expenses. If you wish our patient coordinator can give you suggestions on hotels and accommodation or a post-operative care center and discuss with you the length of your stay in the city of Cancun.



Step Three – Recovery


We wish for you to have a pleasant trip home, which requires for you to follow our instructions. Your post-operative visits will be concentrated during the time of your required stay in Cancun. In the case that you need medical assistance after returning home, we will assist you however is possible. Your health will continue to be our number one priority.


You will return home delighted and rested. Everyone will remember that your “vacation” took years off of your appearance.


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I had a great experience from start to finish. Not only was the surgery a success, but the staff, hospital, and after care was much greater than you would get in the states...

- J, Connecticut


Our patients experience

I had Plastic Surgery in Canada before but this experience here in Cancun was above my expectations. I am so pleased with both of my surgeries (bleph and breast lift with implants replacement)...

-Claudette, Canada

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